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Welcome to the internet home of Kandansk Standard & Miniature Poodles.  Our names are Kathy & Mogens Albrecht and we live on 3+ acres just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. We have had dogs in our lives for many years. I started in 1981 with a Saluki and Mogens followed me into the sport wanting to play in Obedience. He put obedience titles on our first Standard Poodle Nisse, then I got him Tanim, the English Cocker (and NO we DO NOT breed Cockapoos!!!)

Our home currently has 7 Standard Poodles.  Our Miniature breeding program is a joint venture between myself and my handler Natasha Taphorn, where all of the miniatures currently reside.  We have the philosophy of only breeding when we are ready for another dog for the breeding program.  Therefore we are very selective and breed only the very best of what is available.  Our dogs MUST have their health clearances and WILL NOT be bred without them.  Having these health clearances helps us breed the healthiest dogs possible.

Kandansk stands firm with having poodles who are both "Beauty & Brains".  Therefore we hold high importance on our dogs having both confirmation (beauty) and working (brains) titles on them.  Generally, titles appearing in front of the Kandansk name are conformation titles, and titles following the dogs' names are working titles.

We are active in numerous dog sports and members of clubs throughout the area. My main love is Obedience but I'm starting to play in Agility and Scent Hurdling. I love conformation as well but understand my limits and Natasha Taphorn shows the dogs. She does a lovely job and I never have a worry leaving a dog in her care.

This website is currently under construction. It has retained some functionality - please feel free to browse and enjoy what is here. A new and better website will appear soon.


Can Ch. Kandansk Good Luck Charm

June 4,2009 - January 22,2011

Rest in Peace sweet girl, we love you.

Photo by: Lisa Goodwin


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