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                                                                        Am Ch. Mrsden Black Knight

                                                        Am Ch. Le Fluer Boomerand to Parade

                                                                        Am Ch. Parade Noelle Troy Le Fleur

                                    Am Ch. Parade Kiss and Tell

                                                                        Am Ch. Wilhoit Whoodeni

                                                        Am Ch. Bar King's First Kiss

                                                                        Am Ch. Bar King's Scintilla

                    BISS Am/Can Ch. Sincerely Born in the USA

                                                                        Am Ch. Karelea's Time Will Tell

                                                        Am Ch, Clarion Bar King Q of Karalea

                                                                        Am Ch. Whitefarm MS PB of Wildway's

                                    Am Ch. Sincerely Pride N Prejudice

                                                                        Am Ch, Regency Dresden Chances Are

                                                        Am Ch. Sincerely Sampras Pride

                                                                        Temar's Promising Venture


Kandansk Heartbreaker aka "Jay-Z"


                                                                        Can Ch. Subria the Candy Man

                                                         Can Ch. Subria Spinnaker

                                                                        Am Ch. Daktari Apogee Subria

                                    Can Ch Kasaland Born to Win

                                                                        Can CH. Charsan’s G’Day Kasalland

                                                         Kasaland High Born

                                                                         Kasaland Tamara Karsavina

                    Can Ch. Sharona Kandansk Legend

                                                                         Am. Ch. Kiyara Legends of the Fall

                                                        Kasalland A Legend in Time

                                                                         Kasalland Tickle My Fancy

                                     Can Ch. Maydance Makin Legends

                                                                         Can CH. Verotette’s Bi-Coastal

                                                        Can Ch. Maydance La Bella Sophia

                                                                        Can Ch. Kasalland Evening Belle



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