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                                        Am/Can/Mex Ch. Brands California Travis

                                BIS BISS Am/Can Averina's Precicious Pete TP

                                                BISS Am/Can Ch. Averina's Anastacia

                Am/Can Ch. Averin'a David Difiabon

                                                Am/Can Ch. Pamala's Manderly Spellbound

                                Can Ch. Averina's Natalia   

                                                BISS Am/Can Ch. Averina's Anastacia

    Am/Can Ch. Crystalton Christopher

                                                Am Ch. Penhurst Essance Earasure

                                Am Ch. Aleph Blue Skies Outrageous

                                                Am Ch. El's Image of Belle

                Am/Can Ch. Acajun Jewel of De Nile

                                                BIS BISS Am/Can Ch. Averina's Precocious Pete TP

                                Can Ch. Averina's Just for Srystalton

                                                 Can Ch. Averina's Natalia



                               Am Ch. Pamala's Maderly Spellbound

                                        Am/Can Ch. Degana Cole Porter

                                                  Am Ch. Degana Lullabye

                    Can Ch. Criterion Darjeeling                                      

                                                   Am/Can Ch. Wycliffe Michael                                       

                                        Can Ch. Wycliffe Scion Sassy CD                                        

                                                   Can Ch. Wycliffe XYA Faxsimile 

   MBPIG Can Ch. Kandansk Lucky Charmed One CDX      

                                Am/Can Ch. Dorian's Ready Willing and Able                                       

                                        Am/Can Ch. OTCh. Vetset Ever Ready Am-CD                                       

                                                    Can Ch. Vetset Topiary It's My Turn CD                                       

                    Can Ch. MOTCh. Vetset Outrageous Fortune SHDCH Am-CD                                       

                                                    Am/Can Ch. Marny Maliva                                       

                                        Am/Can Ch. Vetset Nothing But the Best                                       

                                                    Can CH. Ascot Nice N Naughty Vetset



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