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                                                                        INT Nordic Ch. Avatar Concord

                                                    FI Nordic Ch. Annwich Avatar Chaunsonair

                                                                        Huffish Wild Woman

                                Am Se Pl Fi Dk Ind Int Ch. Bar-None On the Prowl to Avatar

                                                                        Am Ch. King's Champagne Taste TP

                                                    Am Ch. Bar-None you go Girl

                                                                        An Ch. Donnchada We Love Lucy

            Ch Huffish Intensive Care

                                                                        S Ch Huffish Just a Gigolo

                                                    Dkuch Such Nuch Kbhv-00 Torpaz It'll be all White

                                                                        Torpaz Special Edition

                                Huffish Funky Business

                                                                        Nord Ch Torpaz Mista Motivator

                                                    Nuch Such Nordv-98 Huffish Honkey Tonk Woman

                                                                        S&N Ch Huffish Maggie Touch


Can Ch. Saxon Cometa at Kandansk


                                                                        Am Can Ch. Degana Cole Porter TP

                                                    Am Can CH. Ravendune O'Bannion

                                                                        Am Ch. Ravendune O'Rouke

                                It Ch Cabryn American Boy A Samarcanda

                                                                        Am Ch. Cabryn Karissma Dalton

                                                    Cabryn Czarny Suka

                                                                        Karissma Cassie

            J Ch. Samarcanda Over the Rainbow

                                                                        Am Ch El's Total Package

                                                    Swed/Nor/Fin/Dk Ch. Avion Totally Foxy at Harbovi

                                                                        Am Ch. Summermist Avion Foxy Lady

                                It Ch Scarpebox Per Samarcanda

                                                                        Fin Ch Williker's Alekay-Anton

                                                    Hair Line's Tequila

                                                                        Fin Ch. Harbovi's Singin in the Rain



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