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                                    Lambamba LeRoy

                        Am / Eng Ch. Afterglow Jamacia Me Crazy

                                    Magin don't eat the Daisies at Afterglow

            Am /Can Ch. Pinafore Superstition

                                    Nz Ch. Pinafore Pacifica

                        Ch. Pinafore Sirrah Super Nova

                                    Pinafore Big Girls Don't Cry

BPIG Can Ch. Kandansk Talk to the Hand                                        

                                     Can Ch. OTCH. Tuderose Somerset Dutchess

                         Can Ch. Tuderose Roman Emporer CDX AGN WJ JH

                                     Tuderose Hanoverian Princess

            BIS Can Ch. Kandansk Don't Pass Me By CD CGN

                                     Am/Can Ch. OTCH. Vetset Ever Ready Am-CD

                         Can Ch. MOTCh Vetset Outrageous Fortune SHDCh Am-CD

                                     Am/Can Ch. Vetset Nothing But the Best



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