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                                                                Am Ch. Bold'n Worthy of Praise

                                         Ch. Agape's Granted Gift

                                                                Bold'N Worthy of Love

                        Prest'on Into the Future

                                                               Am Ch. Bold'n Worthy of Adoration

                                        Preston Into Loving You             

                                                               Bold'n Look of Grace

        Am Ch. Bold'n Karadale Prest'on Centerpience aka "Alton"

                                                               Am Ch. Donett's Karadale Top Gun TP

                                        Karadale Son of a Gun

                                                                 Karadale Felicity

                        Am Ch. Bold'n Karadale The Knockout

                                                               Bold'n Beautiful

                                        Am Ch Bold'n From a Dream

                                                               Bold'n Look of Grace


 Kandansk Making Waves aka "Posiedon"


                                                               Am Ch. Karadale Impossible Dream TP                                                                      

                                        Am Ch. Donett's Karadale Top Gun TP                                                                      

                                                               Am Ch. Donette's Arianne TP                                                                      

                        NBISS BIS Am Ch. Campostela The Perfect Storm TP                                                                      

                                                               Am Ch. Kiyara Mystic Southern Cross                                                                      

                                        Am Ch. Sunraze Tempest Storm                                                                       

                                                               Am Ch. Sunraze Striptease TP                                                                     

        MBIS MBPIS MBPISS AmGch CanGChEx. Kandansk Legendary Storm aka "Katrina"                  

                                                              BIS Can Ch. Subria Spinnaker                                                                      

                                Can Ch Kasaland Born to Win                                                              

                                                      Kasaland High Born                                                             

                        Can Ch. Sharona's Kandansk Legend CGN Am&Can TP                                                             

                                                              Kasalland A Legend in Time                                                                     

                                        Can Ch. Maydance Makin Legends                                                                     

                                                              Can Ch. Maydance La Bella Sophia




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