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The Kandansk Story...

Kandansk Poodles started with the acquisition of the very first Standard Zoe; Can Ch. MOTCh Vetset Outrageous Fortune SHDCh Am-CD in 1997.  Although she was not the first poodle, it was with her that our adventure with poodles started.  We kept 2 daughter of hers, out of 2 different breedings (BIS Can Ch. Kandansk Don't Pass me By and MBPIG Can Ch. Kandansk Lucky Charmed One) It is from these 2 girls that all Kandansk Standard Poodles come down from.  There are now 4 generations of Kandansk Standard breeding and a total of 14 Canadian Champions including 2 Best in Show Winners and, 4 Best Puppy in Show and 3 Best Puppy in Specialty Show winners.  Kandansk Standards also has some very SMART poodles.  Our dogs are flyball Champions, Obedience Champions, Scent Hurdle Champions and most importantly Loving pets.

In 2007, we added our first miniature poodle to our homes. Diesel; BPIS Can Ch. Abmaka Kandansk Fast N Furious.  We got him "just to have one", but the interest in this variety grew and before we knew it we were looking for our foundation female.  J.Lo (Sharona's Kandansk Legend) came to our home and is where it all started for our minitures.  We have since produced 2 different Best puppy in shows winners, a multiple best in show winner and the Canadian and American Best of Variety winner at the National specialties.  In 2011, we had the #2 Miniature Poodle, #7 Non-Sporting dog and #3 Puppy of All-Breeds in Canada.  In 2012, we had the #1 Miniature Poodle and #11 Non-Sporting dog in Canada. 

As well as our Standards, Our minis have excelled in the Obedience, Rally and Agility rings amassing titles, high in classes and High in Trials along the way.  The poodle truly is a "do it all" breed.



Poodle Personality

Poodles are energetic, aloof, cuddly, sympathetic retrievers.  Most importantly, they are loyal.  Many poodles have their herding titles and are cart dogs.  There isn't much that a poodle can't learn, or won't try to learn simply to please you.

Are Poodles barky?....they can be if you let them.  Kandansk poodles are what you make them.  If you teach them right from wrong as babies, Poodles will respect the rules as adults.

Can Poodles be taught to swim, hunt, retrieve?  Most definitely!  Poodles are one of the worlds oldest water retrieving breeds.  Can they be taught to herd and pull carts?  Of course!  There isn't much a poodle won't try because you ask them too...But that doesn't mean that they have to like it!!! :) Every poodle has it's own personality, whether it be cuddly or high energy.  Regardless poodles are highly trainable and can become whatever you want them to be.  A good rule of thumb when you welcome your poodles into your home is to ask yourself "Is this behavior cute as a adult?" if the answer is no, then don't allow your puppy to do it as a poodle NEVER forgets!

Most poodles are a quick study and have proven so in a various of dog sports.  From Agility, flyball, herding, gun dog, hunting, water retrieving, obedience and even sled dog.  If you enjoy doing something, most often the poodle will enjoy it too, simply to be in your company and your companion.



The People of Kandansk...

Kathryn Albrecht  (Standards)    - Kathy started into dogs not with poodles, rather with Saluki's.  Years later, after finishing her Saluki in the conformation ring, she wanted a dog that could do more working venues with more focus and came across her first Standard Poodle.  Nisse was never a breeding dog, but it was with her that the love of the breed grew.  Kathy is a member in good standing with The Canadian Kennel Club as well as the President of the Poodle Club of Alberta.  She also volunteers her services (on a limited basis) to breed clubs as a show secretary. 

Kathy is the record keeper of Kandansk.  If you need to know a fact, pedigree, health testing or picture of a dog...she's the go to.  Not only that Kathy talks to all our potential family members and spends hours socializing our babies.  She looks after all registrations of litters and puppies as well as making sure dogs that need to be entered get entered in shows.  Kathy's wealth of knowledge as a nurse has been molded into the care of the dogs as well.  Our family members feel secure in asking her questions about the health and care of our fur babies.  As well, due to her years of experience training poodles to Obedience Trial Championships, Kathy has many great ideas on how to "break a bad habit" in adolescent puppies.  Feel free to contact Kathy at any time as those who know her, know that she LOVES to talk POODLES!


Natasha Taphorn  (Miniatures)    - Natasha started in dogs at 10 years of age with the families Collies.  But her heart always belonged to poodles.  Her first Poodle Josh was never a breeding dog, but rather an obedience dog and her grooming guinea pig.  She is a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club, The Battle River Canine Association, The Yukon Kennel Club as well as the Secretary of the Poodle Club of Alberta.

Natasha is the gypsy and beautician of Kandansk.  Her years of experience apprenticing under some of Canada's top poodle handlers has given her an eye for the breed.  All the dogs residing at Kandansk seek her attention on a regular basis, whether to maintain show coats or comfort.  Natasha shows all the dogs in our kennel, hence feeling like a gypsy.  Most often, if you see a Kandansk Poodle in a show catalog, it's her on the end of the lead in the conformation ring.  She's a bit of a perfectionist and the poodles she grooms and show definitely portray that.  Feel free to contact Natasha at any time for grooming and showing tips...it's an obsession of hers!


Mogens Albrecht (Kathy's husband)     - Mogen's is the resident trainer, cookie giver and "honey dooer" of Kandansk.  He loves to snuggle the puppies and spends his time in training classes with the young up and coming obedience stars.  Mogens stays at home with the critters when Kathy and Natasha both travel away to a show, or when Kathy is needed to house sit at Natasha's while she's away at a show...  He has also put various titles on the dogs in obedience, rally, scent hurdling and agility. 


Above are some of our past puppies in their forever homes!!!

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