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Poodle Health

Listed on this page is a description of the health testing we do on all of our breeding dogs.  Some are specific to a particular variety (mini or standard) and some should be done on both. We do all of these testing to help produce the healthiest dog possible, that will live the longest and healthiest life possible.  There is nothing more devastating than getting "that" phone call saying that a beloved family member is sick.  It is for these reasons, that we take every precaution and test for as many potential problems as possible.  If a breeding dog has a known hereditary problem, we do not breed that dog.

Below is a list of testing that all of the breeding dogs are tested for.  We have indicated which variety is tested for each genetic testing, as sometimes one variety or the other have proven to have no genetic issues in a particular area. 


This page is under construction....please check back soon.

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