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Short Coated Breeds:                             $60.00 per show

Coated Breeds:                                     $65.00 per show

Poodles:                                              $60-$75 per show

Ring side:                                            $75.00 per show

Specialties:                                          $100.00 per dog

National Specialties:                             $150.00 per dog

Airport Pick-up / delivery:                       $50.00

Vet visits:                                            $25.00 per dog (all vet costs are responsible of the owner)

Boarding:                                             $15.00/day



NSF Cheque:                                        $30.00 per cheque

Handler will retain all cash prizes

All fees are subject to GST


1.      Expenses are not included in the above fees and will be pro-rated.  Expenses include, but not limited to: hotel, gas, parking, electricity, benching & meals.  If I am showing one of my own dogs, I will take a portion of the expenses of that show.

2.      Boarding rates may vary depending on the amount of coat care required.  Weekly and monthly boarding rate include weekly maintenance groomings.  Clients must supply own food and supplements if needed.  Show groomings are not included in boarding fees.  Please inquire directly for a quote for your breed.

3.      The client is responsible for booking his/her dog in each show they wish to have shown by the handler.  Should the client withdraw a dog from a show with the handler, after closing of entries, the client is responsible for all handlers’ fees unless otherwise arranged.

4.      If for any reason the dog requires veterinarian care, the handler has full permission to obtain care.  Although the handler will take every precaution to avoid incident, she cannot be held responsible should your dog require attention.  All vet fees will be at the owner’s expense.

5.      All dietary requirements including food and supplements, will be provided to the handler and instructions carried out by the handler as per owner’s request.

6.      Although the handler will make every effort to show your dog every day of the show, conflicts can arise.  The handler is given authority to find suitable assistance; the owner can make requests for the replacement, the handler will make every effort to accommodate this request.  Full handling fees are still in effect.

7.      All bills are to be paid in full before the dog is released to the owner.

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